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Solar Industry in India

There is huge potential for off-grid and on-grid PV deployment in India, in the areas of rural lighting and electrification for powering irrigation pump sets, back-up power generation for the expanding network of cellular towers across the country, captive power generation, urban applications and highway lighting.

Specific drivers for PV in India include the country’s rapidly rising primary energy and electricity needs, the persistent energy deficit situation, the country’s over-dependence on coal for electricity generation and on oil and gas imports (amounting to 7% of its GDP).

These factors coupled with India’s endowment of abundant sunlight-with most parts of the country enjoying 300 sunny days a year-make PV particularly attractive to the country’s energy strategy.

Solar Tech Group

The Solar Tech Group was formed in 2007 with the aim of providing complete solutions catering to the solar industry.

We have been associated with Leaders in the Business and offer technologies for :

Silicon Plants
Wafer Equipment
Cell Equipment
Module Manufacturing
Solar Farming


The Solar Tech Group is currently installing two projects and finalization of more projects is underway.


The Solar Tech Group is an associate company of Optical Disc Technologies, which was established in 1997 and is in the business of offering equipment & engineering services to the Optical Media Industry for the manufacture of Pre-recorded and Recordable Compact & Digital Video Discs including Blu-Ray.

Technologies offered by ODT include:

Optical Media
Testing and Inspection

ODT has executed more than 100 turnkey projects spread across The Indian Sub continent till date.

With the growth in the Solar Industry, ODT has forayed into the Solar sector with the formation of Solar Tech Group.


Entire Organization works as a cohesive unit & is geared towards Sales Service and Support
Honesty & Transparency in all deals and negotiations with timely inflow of information